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    EGT Express Ukraine

    international logistic company

    EGT EXPRESS COMPANY was established in 1995.

    The company has branches in 11 countries. EGT Express offers the services of international cargo transportation from one pallet. With a wide network of subsidiaries in Europe, Asia and the Caucasus, we make our service convenient and safe for our customers. We prepare all necessary documents with the help of professional brokers of our team.

    We have our own fleet and a team of professionals that will always help you to choose the best way of delivery of your cargo.

    25 Years Anniversary!

    1995 – 2020

    Happy Anniversary, EGT Express !!!
    We celebrate 25 years since the foundation of our company. We would like to sincerely thank everybody, who contributed to making this possible.

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    EGT Express Ukraine

    international logistic company

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